Social Media Week LA

Are you participating in Social Media Week LA (@SMWLA) this week? It’s happening right now, and there are a few more days left!

We’d love to hear from you on the sessions you’ve attended and what you’ve found most valuable. Post it here as a comment or tweet us or throw a post up on our Facebook Page.

One of the sessions I’m looking forward to is our Board President Natalie Petouhoff’s breakfast session tomorrow – Social Media Monitoring and Measurement at the Coupa Cafe. It is brought to you in part by the Social Media Breakfast LA folks – check them out when you have a chance.

Follow Natalie at @drnatalie!

I’ll be live-tweeting as Natalie speaks on the how, why, when, where to measure, and how social media affects business. Two of the big points being covered:

Monitoring: What to monitor and why. Who and what to monitor. Where to find the audiences to monitor. Understanding what your audiences want and care about. What free social media monitoring tools to use. What paid social media monitoring tools to use. How to set-up social media monitoring searches to make sure you get what you need.

Measure: Once you have the data, how to turn it into business value. Secrets to taking data and turning it into insights. What metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurements you need. How to connect metrics, formulas and calculations. Social media ROI calculations, models, and methodologies to show business value.

This looks to be beyond the Social Media 101 that we already know about. There is always something new right around the corner and perhaps something I haven’t reviewed yet for my clients. If you’re a social media professional, you know how important it is to work with your marketing and sales partners as well as your operations colleagues. The ability to look at your social media data is important to the bottom line. How are you going to show value or forward movement in the flywheel?

Tune in tomorrow.