What are you doing on Tuesday, June 26? You’re going to spend a few hours with us, that’s what! Join us as we celebrate SMCLA’s one-year anniversary of screening Siok Siok Tan‘s documentary “Twittamentary“!


Twittamentary is a unique and experimental documentary on how Twitter is changing (and continues to change) our lives. The movie is unique in that its a film that also allows real-time social media interaction. Viewers can interact with the cast and production team, in real-time, while watching the movie. And many, many of our social media friends are in the movie… so it’s a must-see!

The documentary shows Siok Siok‘s whirlwind tour across the United States where she discovers and documents the effects of the social media on a wide range of walks of life. Featured in the film are some of our local social media members including:

@adventuregirl – Stephanie Michaels, Travel Journalist
@fuzheado – Andrew Lih,  Journalism Professor USC
@Mika_Tan – Mika Tan, Porn Star and Sex Worker
@MarshaCollier – Marsha Collier, Author
@HeatherMeeker – Heather Meeker, Marketing Professional
@hardlynormal – Mark Horvath, Homeless Advocate

The stories range from how Twitter is helping the homeless to get off the street and start their lives over to a porn star who uses Twitter to stay in touch with her fans. This film is an interesting commentary on how social media is deeply personal, inherently curious and always social.


This is a special screening as we’ll be raising funds to support Mark Horvath’s Invisible People. All profits and donations will be going to Invisible People, which brings a spotlight to the issue of homelessness and shares stories of these “invisible people.”

Want to know more about Siok? Check out my interview with Siok! She’ll be here in LA to take your questions LIVE, so reserve your ticket for a good cause!