Coupa Cafe - @coupacafe

Coupa Cafe – @coupacafe

Yeah yeah we’ve got specialty liqeur Lovoka coming, we’ve got DAMA Tequila coming… but what about a drink for the caffeine fans, like me? Have no fear, SMCLA members and guests – Coupa Cafe is swooping to our rescue and serving coffee at our December 18 Holiday/Meet the Bloggers event!

A longtime sponsor and supporter of SMBLA, Coupa Cafe is a family-owned business serving Venezuelan cuisine… and great coffee! The Coupa family works directly with the coffee farmers in Venezuela which ensures that they will receive fair trade prices for their coffee production.   They now have several locations in the US including Stanford, Palo Alto, and of course, here in So Cal – Beverly Hills.

Looking down from the second floor - Coupa Cafe

Looking down from the second floor – Coupa Cafe

Photo source: Coupa Cafe Facebook Page

Photo source: Coupa Cafe Facebook Page

Coupa Cafe has been hosting SMBLA events for a long time. I attended one earlier this year featuring our colleague Natalie Petouhoff, and I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of getting to Coupa Cafe on a weekday morning. (You know I hate parking issues.) There are no parking problems – plenty of parking lots and underground parking abound in the area.

If you haven’t been to Coupa, that’s ok. They’re coming to us next week at our Holiday event! We’re practically sold out. At-the-door tickets are still available at $15 and all profits are going to Invisible People, a nonprofit helping to make homeless people visible.

Meet the folks behind Coupa Cafe next week, savor their coffee, and then visit them in Beverly Hills!