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UPDATE:  The event has been cancelled 🙁
We hope to bring you an event in May.  If you are interested in helping  out, please send a tweet to @smc_la


Wednesday, April 14th, 2010, 7-9PM

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525 Venezia Avenue

Venice, CA 90291

In the aftermath of the 2008 election, it has become apparent now more than ever that the use of the Internet and its influence on the political process spans across generations and demographics. Joined by panelists from the left, right and center of the online political communications space, Social Media Club Los Angeles will host a lively discussion of the use of social media in politics and how it will shape the 2010 election cycle.


::Joshua Trevino::
Communications Director at DeVore for California
President at Trevino Strategies and Media, Inc.

::Blair Goldberg::
Assistant Digital Strategist at Sensis

::Alan Silberberg::

Chief Executive Officer, Founder at You2Gov
Founder, Gov2.0LA

::Jeremy Thompson::
Founder, Reelpolitik Campaign Media
Don’t let his youthful look fool you. At 32, Jeremy D. Thompson is a veteran of almost fifteen years of hard-nosed campaigning. In 2006, he founded Reelpolitik Campaign Media, a consulting & production operation working in the arena of online campaigning — with an emphasis on web video. Jeremy served as Senior New Media advisor to the Obama campaign in California, has consulted numerous congressional and senatorial races — including the Boxer 2010 campaign, and has had a hand in the last three California gubernatorial contests; including 2010 as Deputy Director of the Democratic Governors Associations’ California Accountability Project.

::Christy McConville::
Political Strategist and Social Media Expert
Christy McConville is a progressive digital advocate and the policy director at One/X.
For more than nine years, Christy has been working in the digital world. As the managing editor of Democrats.org, she helped to turn out voters and engage supporters nationwide across a wide range of issues at the Democratic National Committee. While at Planned Parenthood, she directed the creation of a public policy blog, taught the non-profit how to navigate the blogosphere while maintaining message discipline, and guided new efforts to engage in social media on sites such as MySpace.
Christy also worked for the Democratic Congressional Committee, the Center for American Progress’ anti-genocide ENOUGH Project, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, the California Democratic Party, the Howard Dean Presidential campaign, and several other political campaigns. Her final two years in Washington, DC were spent as a new media strategist at Ketchum Public Relations, where she trained the staff on how to use Facebook and Twitter, and helped the public affairs team engage with the progressive blogosphere. Her favorite project was helping an organization dedicated to helping cancer patients with appearance-related side effects learn how to use online tools such Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to converse with their supporters.
Christy McConville received her B.A. from UCLA in 1999, her Oracle Internet Application Developer database programming certification in 2001, and her M.A. in political management from The George Washington University in 2002.

Moderating this panel is our very own,
::Christina Gagnier::
Christina Gagnier is an intellectual property attorney and partner at Gagnier Margossian LLP. A proud Californian, she began her interest in technology and politics while working on initiative campaigns and coordinating voter turnout in California for causes relating to education. Gagnier also operates as CEO of REALPOLITECH, a political technology startup.