Introducing the Social Media Club Los Angeles 2018 Board of Directors

In December the Social Media Club LA voted in a new year of board members. This is a great way for rookie digital media and PR folks along with seasoned professionals to come together and give back valuable programming to the community. Working together as a team to produce regular, engaging content both in real life and online brings everyone on the SMCLA Board of Directors a new perspective and fresh ideas. It is truly a privilege that benefits each Board member for a lifetime.

I wanted to update you all on some changes to the SMCLA Board of Directors. Jon Burk will be taking over as Director of Communications as of October 1st. Jon’s background producing digital content for Al Roker Entertainment will add to our social media outreach for SMCLA on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. In addition to posting about upcoming SMCLA events, Jon and his team will curate pertinent need-to-know trends, best practices, local opportunities, and general overall conversational topics as they pertain to social media.

Additionally, I’d like to introduce our new Board member – Chris Strickland! Chris was a panelist at our Facebook event earlier this year and is an active member of our larger Facebook group. He has been volunteering with the BOD since June and will now be joining us as Associate Director on the Communications team.

Please join me in congratulating Chris and Jon on their new roles!

Victoria White Mendoza

Jon Burk

Communications Director

Chris Strickland

Chris Strickland

Communications Associate Director