There are so many people in need and it is always really hard to isolate one charity we want to work with for the holidays. This year we landed on Friends & Helpers, a local charity that provides support and encouragement for the adults, teens and children, trying to help themselves out of a violent, hurtful situation.


Friends & Helpers was started in 1992 in Southern California by a Founder who learned during her first marriage that being abused robs you of self-esteem, and often those closest to you don’t have any idea what you are experiencing. Abuse can strike anyone anywhere; spouses, parents, children and teens can fall victim to abuse. When the survivors do get brave enough to finally leave their abusive situation, many flee with their kids and the clothes on their backs to counseling centers and shelters.

F & H works with many of these centers to help provide love and support and remind these survivors that they DESERVE to be loved. They are provided with a safe place to stay, clothes, food, support to help get them back on their feet. Their first year, F & H started by just providing a happy Christmas and Hanukkah for a few mothers and their children who had no money, and no way of getting necessities, let alone gifts. Since then, they have provided happier holidays and help throughout the year for thousands of families. And their holiday program is their biggest event of the year.


Once you sign up to attend SMCLA’s annual holiday celebration on Monday, December 15, we hope you’ll commit to helping us make a substantial contribution to this amazing organization. Let’s harness our social media powers for good! At the event, we will instantly give everyone who walks in the door a raffle ticket but if you bring one of the items listed below, you will get TWO MORE raffle tickets in addition to our deepest gratitude for helping us make a difference.

  • Gift cards – Grocery stores, CVS, Target, restaurants
  • Diapers
  • Toys for all ages
  • Teen Items (jewelry, perfume, fun accessories)

Please note the items are listed in order of priority.


To learn more about Friends & Helpers, please read their FAQ. If you are unable to attend, a financial donation in any amount can still make a difference to all of these families in need. If you want to donate with your time, you can inquire about volunteering. And right at this very moment, you can help immediately by clicking here to spread the word.