Social Media Club LA WordPress workshop
Learning the inner workings of the Internet can be a HUGE challenge. At some point in our professional lives as digital marketers and social media aficionados we have encountered a website or blogging platform. Odds are that the web platform was WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is relatively easy to use for creating and maintaining fabulous websites and blogs. The WordPress CMS powers approximately 23% of all the web properties on the Internet (source: That is why Social Media Club LA has organized this SMCLA members-only workshop for our November 2014 event.

Giving our paid members exclusive access to experts and systems that are a part of our daily digital lives is one way that SMCLA brings a great deal of value to becoming a member of the Club. Adam Silver of is one of those industry experts and his forte is with WordPress. Adam has a long and varied background in all things digital. Here’s a little bit about him:

Adam Silver: Your Teacher

Adam Silver from

Adam Silver from

My name is Adam Silver and I have been around technology for a very long time!

From the days of 300 bps dial-up modems and BBS’s to today where we have the Internet just about everywhere we go!

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2008, and really love learning and sharing what I know. Truth be told, I really love technology, figuring things out, and sharing that information. It’s just part of my DNA.

To keep myself busy, I’m the creative director at Silver Lining Productions & Silver Lining Photography, and recently created and lead the South Bay WordPress Meetup.

Adam is an icon in the South Bay WordPress community and will be a fabulous person to learn from at the SMCLA November WordPress workshop. Here are several ways to connect with him:
Facebook WP Group –
Twitter – @kitchensinkwp
Meetup –

We are also pleased to have as a part of the WordPress learning adventure on November 8. Gregg Franklin, Developer & Co-Founder, will be onsite and happy to talk with anyone who has local WordPress development questions. has pioneered DesktopServer as an application that greatly simplifies local website development that can be seemlessly pushed to a live web server. The development software is intuitive and can make the process of pushing a WordPress site that has been created on a local machine to a live, real world web server. If you have ever done any “live” development or updating to a website, then you know how that process can go arie quickly and ruin an otherwise fantastic day. Research and investigate what they do, you will be pleasantly surprised:
ServerPress –
Twitter – @DesktopServer

Now that we have your interest piqued, here are the details for the November Social Media Club LA member-only WordPress workshop:

Date: November 8, 2014
Time: 12:30PM – 3:30PM (Noon:30 people arrive, 1PM workshop starts, last 90 minutes plus 30 min Q&A at the end)
Location: Mychals Learning Place, 4901 W Rosecrans Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250 (Google Place link)

Please register for the workshop here if you are a current paid member of Social Media Club LA. (

If you want to take advantage of this exclusive WordPress power training, then join SMCLA ( and then register for the November workshop. We would love to see you join the “Club” and come to the WordPress event.

SMCLA is working to provide more value to members, so be sure to signup for the email list or check back often to see what other member-exclusive activities we have planed for your digital improvement.