How did Jam City tap into the Harry Potter fan base to build buzz for the Hogwarts Mystery game? How did Fender use Social Media to launch American Originals? How did Coconut Cloud leverage Earth Balance‘s Instagram to build brand awareness? We learned that and more at our Social Media LA Showcase on November 27! If you were looking for social media inspiration for 2019, this was a great opportunity to hear case studies from four of Los Angeles’s most interesting social media professionals and campaigns.

Jen Holub of Scorpion

Thank you to everyone who came and participated, because we always learn more with an audience as engaged as this one. Plus, the food was really yummy, so thank you to our sponsors Luna Grill, Fruit Bliss and Dry Soda.

Luna Grill at the SMCLA Showcase

If you missed it, we’re going to do it again next year, because that’s how much fun we had. But don’t wait a year! We host events once a month, so attend as a guest or as a Social Media Club Member. (Click here to join and to learn the perks of membership.) Interested in joining our board? (We have a lot of fun!) Click here to learn more about that.

Okay, our collective brains can now officially turn into holiday mush. See you next year!

Stephanie Nordstrom of Fender Guitar