Social Media Club LA logoThe website that Social Media Club LA calls its digital home got an update recently. It was much overdue and thanks to the spearheaded efforts of AJ Feuerman, the SMCLA 2015 Board President, the motivation was produced to get the facelift done this year. The Club is ecstatic to announce that we have a fantastic, updated look and feel for the website.

The SMCLA website change involved several aspects of the Web and great people working together in their spare time to make it happen. First, we got a new web hosting sponsor. It was time… and we found a great web host with InMotion Hosting. They provided the space so SMCLA’s website could have a nice, safe home on the Internet. The hosting package includes all the space we need, provides access speeds that rock, and they give us top-level support. We made all the necessary Internet transfers, updates, redirects, etc. and the process of updating the website began. This sponsorship really set “in motion” the website changes.

At this point several conversations took place and what the new SMCLA site needed got hashed out. First and foremost, the website needed to look modern and feel like a “social media” club site. Secondly, and something that had been discussed for at least 2 years prior, was to provide the functionality for users to upload, search, and review digital job opportunities. We are happy to say that both of these core pieces were addressed. The new SMCLA Jobs page is a fantastic resource on the website that should help the connection between employer and potential employee.

LA scape by Mick Victor

The changes and updates came with much help and support from the SMCLA and WordPress communities. Several members of the SMCLA Board of Directors were instrumental with constructive feedback that helped bring together the look and feel of the new website. Also, we got a generous photo donation from Mick Victor. The beautiful nightscape shot on the new Home page is a shot Mick took. Adam Silver and Gregg Franklin brought in the technical knowledge of how to easily integrate the Jobs functionality into the SMCLA website. Making a website involves many different aspects and that means it has to involve many people to get things to come together effectively and solve problems.

The new web hosting resource, the leadership to get a new website, and the technical knowledge to make it happen were all brought together resulting in Social Media Club LA’s website finally getting a facelift on June 1, 2015. Please click through the site, start at the Home page (it looks totally different) or jump right in at the new Jobs page. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about the changes, updates, and tweaks.