Social Media Club LA logoIn December the Social Media Club LA voted in a new year of board members. This is a great way for rookie digital media and PR folks along with seasoned professionals to come together and give back valuable programming to the community. Working together as a team to produce regular, engaging content both in real life and online brings everyone on the SMCLA Board of Directors a new perspective and fresh ideas. It is truly a privilege that benefits each Board member for a lifetime.

The 2016 SMCLA Board of Directors

President:     AJ Feuerman

Director of Operations:     Lindsay Tredent Mauch

Director of Finance:     Nancy Tovar Huxen

Creative Director:     Christine Moore

Programs Director:     Chelsea Lee
Programs Associates:
Nick LaBran
Svetlana Klyuchkova
Milena Monrroy
Demiana Marie

Communications Director:     Erik Roithmayr
Communications Associates:
Jeremy Pepper
Stephen Harvey
Amanda Hoskinson
Samantha Perpignand

Membership Director:     Caroline Stone
Membership Associates:
Victoria White Mendoza
Andrew Posey
Chessy Giannetinno

Sponsorship Director:     Apryl DeLancey
Sponsorship Associates:
Laura Knapp

Social Media Club LA is one of the best ways to broaden your professional persona. If you’re interested in volunteering with the board or at an event, send an email to let us know!