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Serena Ehrlich, Director of Marketing – Mogreet

You’ve seen her around the country. She’s spoken at many social media and digital conferences. You see her around town. You can’t miss one of the tallest women in social media. Meet Serena Ehrlich, one of our panelists and SMCLA President.

Over the last 20 years, Serena Ehrlich has worked closely with public and private companies providing guidance on investor and public relation trends. Serena has implemented local, national and international social media campaigns for a wide range of brands including Kraft, Scion, Kohl’s, Avon, Mattel and many others.

As the director of Marketing for Mogreet, Serena has a unique perspective on the future of mobile marketing (and it ain’t plain text). In addition, Serena serves as the Corporate Secretary of the international Social Media Club board of directors, as well as an At Large director of the National Investor Relations Institutes’ Los Angeles chapter. She can be found on Twitter (@serena) as well as a wide range of emerging platforms.

Chris here. One of the things I will be asking Serena is crisis communications. There needs to be a crisis communications plan up and ready for every company, especially regulated companies. Once a social post strikes and you’re flagged for it, you need to be able to scramble quickly and decisively. You’ve got to be able to work with approvers and have something to counter a possible attack or poke online. Let’s hear all of our panelists’ best practices for this.

Don’t forget to RSVP! We’ll be at the Yahoo Community Center (26th and Broadway) in Santa Monica. We’ll provide the conversation, food and drink. You get you and your colleagues here. See you soon!