Event Recap: SMCLA B2B Social Media Marketing on March 19

What happens when you have digital marketing professionals from leading B2B brands like LinkedIn and Adobe in the same room talking shop? Besides the amplification generated from more than 80 guests in attendance, our event generated thought leadership, insights and an interactive discussion that engaged social media influencers around the globe and trended on Twitter. […]

B2B Social Media Marketing on March 19

Digital media channels often highlight case studies and thought leadership with respect to consumer (B2C) social media, but often ignore business-to-business (B2B). And it’s unfortunate, because the enterprise and B2B market is one of the faster growing segments in the economy. So, what’s different if you’re selling to other businesses? SMCLA’s next event will focus […]

Sept. 28: QR Codes webinar

Our friends at SoCal BMA are back with a webinar on QR codes for B2B pros. Where are those QR codes being used within the B2B space? Why would you use them? How would you use them? Why were QR codes first developed? What are best practices? Mark your calendars! The online webinar is scheduled […]