Jan. 31 Speaker Spotlight: Patrick Mahoney of Mogreet

While you may know that mobile is where the new tech waves is hitting, your colleagues may not. Invite them to our¬†Understanding Mobile User and the Future of Mobile Tools event on Tuesday, January 31st! What do you need to know about mobile social? On our blog, we’re highlighting our speakers. Read on… Founded in […]

SMCLA July 26 Event: Understanding the Power of Geolocation Tools

Or… as my clients might ask “What the hell is geo-location?” My clients often ask this question, “What’s so great about Foursquare [or other geo-location service]?” It usually is followed up with “Why do I need to be on <insert geo-location service>?” and “What do I do with it?” It depends on what your target […]

Games Go Social: Discussion Recap

The ubiquity of pink cows: How Facebook and iPhone are changing the way we play. Just as the Internet has transformed how we watch movies, read books, and listen to music, social media, led by Facebook and iPhone, are changing the way we play games. How has the gaming industry responded to our new recreational […]