genos-logoMeet our genius sponsor, Genos! They’re a worldwide television distribution company, delivering television programming, motion pictures, and online video from around the world to US consumers over broadband Internet via our GenosTV™ service.

Why are they genius? They’ve brought us the Cyclops™, an ergonomically designed Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse created to work with the Apple Mac Mini, iMac, iPad & iPhone. It provides a full QWERTY keyboard & touch pad pointer control. The Cyclops™ was specially developed for the users who prefer to type with their thumbs (texting style) and who are looking for an efficient way to type on their Apple device.


Genos contributed three Cyclops™ keyboards for the raffle at our SMCLA + SMBLA: Meet the Bloggers Holiday Party. We are very appreciative and grateful. Thanks, Genos!

The Cyclops™ makes a perfect Christmas gift for the Apple lover in your life! To learn more about Genos and the Cyclops™, visit their website.