popchips - @popchips

popchips – @popchips

Meet our sponsor popchips! If you haven’t had a popchip before, now’s your chance. The fine people at popchips are supplying December 18 guests with a bag to try (or take home).

If you’re health-conscious and flavor-conscious, you just might like popchips. They’re not fried or baked, so you don’t eat chips laden with oil or tasteless like cardboard. The potato slices are… popped! Watch their video and learn more on their website. If you’re not a potato fan, have no fear, popchips came out with tortilla chips!

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popchips – @popchips

If you’ve had their chips, tell us in the comments your favorite flavor! Mine is the old school “original potato.”

As for that question about SMCLA and Katy Perry? She’s their new ‘popstar’.

Grab a bag at our December 18 Holiday/Meet the Bloggers event. We’re pretty much sold out and only at-the-door tickets are available at $15. All profits will go to Invisible People, a nonprofit whose mission is to make invisible people visible.

See you there!