As an avid Instagram user, I’m familiar with all of its community lingo. But it wasn’t until I was about to attend my first ever InstaMeet that I realized it’s not exactly a common topic. “Insta-what??” were my sister’s exact words to me. I had always loved the concept of Instagram and InstaMeets, and was blown away at my first one, the #YNPinstameet, which you can read more about on your own time 🙂

What exactly IS an instameet? In the words of the source, Instagram: “Since the earliest day of Instagram, people have been meeting up to connect, take photos together and inspire one another. These real-world meetups, which come in all sizes, are known as InstaMeets.”

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InstaMeets are great opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals, explore a new place or location, and bond over the love of photography. They can be anywhere, anytime, with any group of folks, but every year Instagram hosts an official one. The 11th WorldWide InstaMeet will take place this year on the weekend of March 21 – 22.
So naturally, as the Social Media Club of LA, we’d like to invite you all to be a part of our very first Instameet on March 21st! We’re going to have a panel of awesome Instagram influencers who have ended up working with brands on Instagram, and finish with our own InstaMeet. So bring your friends, bring your phones and cameras, and get ready to have some insta-fun 🙂 See you there!