The Law
Social media has transformed how we communicate by providing instant information to publish and publicize almost anything. And with social media comes lots and lots of content. But can you use that content? And should you use that content?

With millions of pieces of content being generated daily, it can be tempting to share everything from memes to hit songs. But, as The Fat Jew and Michelle Phan learned the hard way, you could be accused of stealing someone else’s work or even hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

We’ll gather some of the top content creators and copyright lawyers for a candid and valuable discussion on copyright pitfalls, dos and don’ts, and guidelines for what and when you can and should share on social media.

Join us at General Assembly in Santa Monica on February 21, 2017 at 6:30PM and hear from industry experts about best practices when it comes to “using” other pieces of art, content, lyrics, music, etc.

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